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9144 Deering Ave
Chatsworth CA 91311 United States

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Intense Industries is an unique adult company in that it adheres to the philosophical concept that the industry is comprised more of relationships than it is of product or prices.
Therefore, the company offers service first and foremost. The product is the product.
With only three functioning penetrable holes the possibilities are severely limited. What is common to all the titles are the people with whom one deals.
At Intense we strive to release the best possible shows that our budget allows and in this we are succeeding. Since an erection doesn’t know (or care) how much a DVD costs Intense keeps its costs reasonable and works closely with its clients to give the “biggest bang for the buck.” If it doesn’t make the digit rigid it’s a bust for the bang! We answer every call, we immediately attend to every situation and we are reasonable in our policies, (even lenient at times.) Our gonzo production values are superior without being pretentious. Our talent is attractive, animated, skilled, and enthusiastic.
All things considered we believe in cooperation, not competition. After all we are all in the business together, and random acts of respect and courtesy should be the norm and not the exception. If the company motto is “Do the right thing,” then you can’t go wrong. We all know that “foreplay” (read hype) without “climax” (read producing) is just cruel, useless, and to say the least is unfulfilling. All show and no go sucks. Intense Industries shows and goes!

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9144 Deering Ave
Chatsworth CA 91311 United States

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